Garage Door Installation

Garage Doors In LincolnMidtown Doors & Services is proud to install the Midland Garage Door Manufacturing Company brand. Midland Manufacturing Company is based out of the Midwest. They have designed their doors to handle our rough weather conditions. Click to view the warranty information. For over 30 years, Midland Garage Door Manufacturing Company has provided the best doors money can buy! The doors are known for their strength and durability.

A new garage door can offer a lot to your home. First of all, a new garage door adds to your homes curb appeal. Secondly, a new garage door adds extra insulation to your home, helping to lower your heating and cooling bills. The stronger the door, the more protection your items and vehicles get from the elements. A Midland Garage Door offers superior protector against the elements, which is especially important in the sometimes-turbulent climate of Omaha.

The highest quality door that we sell is the Midlands 2” Thermal Steel Door. This door is made from 25 Gauge Steel. This is a sandwich door. What that means is there is 25 Gauge Steel on the exterior, insulation in the middle, and on the inside is 25 Gauge Steel. The insulation is polystyrene, which is superior to polyurethane for our conditions. The reason polystyrene is superior is because it does not break down and will not absorb moisture. To View More Information About the Midlands 2” Thermal Steel Door, Click Here.

Our Omaha garage store installation is also done the right way. We believe in doing high quality work and we would never take shortcuts with out installations. We put in high quality doors and we do high quality work. With that in mind, we also provide affordable rates and work in a timely manner. If you are in need of garage door installation in or around Omaha, get a free quote and find out what Midtown Doors can do for you.