Garage Door Opener Repair

Let's face it; garage door opener issues are a major pain for homeowners. A working garage door opener is something we have to come to expect and can take for granted at times. When they stop working, we definitely take notice.

The garage is a highly used area in most homes. It’s used as a main entrance in some homes, a shelter for your valuable car, and storage for your bikes and more. This makes it important that any Omaha garage door opener issues are handle in a timely and professional manner. It’s important to remember that a new garage door opener is not necessary some of the time. Many garage door openers can be repaired.

At Midtown Doors, we take garage door opener repair issues seriously. We understand the inconvenience caused by garage door opener issues and we take pride in helping homeowners and families get back to their typical routine quickly through our Omaha garage door opener repair services. We repair many garage door openers and have many of the parts necessary for repairs with us.

There are several different issues that you might encounter with garage door openers:

▪   Failing to lift the garage door
▪   A fallen chain
▪   Sensor Connectivity Issues
▪   Remote or Keypad Problems

If you are having issues, the time to act is now. Garage door openers are a part of everyday life and openers that are not working correctly can trap cars in or out of the garage. Nott having a garage door opener can make simple tasks like entering your home more work than it needs to be.

Give us a call at (402)-620-3667 to have Midtown Doors and Services come out and perform a wide variety of tests to determine the best solution for you, and to get your garage door opener repaired!