Garage Door Repair

high-lift-picture-5-smallDoes your garage door need repair? We can help! Midtown Doors is able to help with any Omaha garage door repair needs. Whether there is something wrong with functioning components of a garage door such as springs, cables, drums, and rollers, or any damage to the door itself, we can fix it. These various problems can cause a variety of different headaches that you simply don't want to deal with.

When components such as springs and rollers stop working properly, it affects the performance of you garage door. These problems may result in the inability to open and close the door meaning that it is basically useless. This can create several different problems including having to leave your car outside or leaving all of your possessions open to the elements. Other problems that other encounter include but aren’t limited to: broken hinges, springs, cables, garage door off track, garage door opener problems and more. Some of these issues can create a safety hazard for your family if not taken care of quickly.

When the door itself is in need of repair, it is just as serious of a problem. It can cause heating and cooling issues for the house, which can result in higher heating/cooling bills. When your garage door is broken, that means your home is more vulnerable to break-ins. Fortunately, we can handle these needs as well and will replace any sections of the garage door that have been damaged. Below are the full list of Omaha garage door repair services we provide.

▪    Cables
▪    Springs
▪    Drums
▪    Rollers
▪    Replacement Door Sections

Whenever something goes wrong with a garage door, it should be taken care of quickly. Midtown Doors & Services is committed to responding to your needs as soon as they can. For any garage door repair needs in Omaha, give us a call and we will provide a free quote and professional service.